About Us

Façade Performance Lab Sdn. Bhd. is an independent test laboratory specializing in the provision of testing facilities and conducting the specified test procedures for building facades, doors, windows skylights and structures to assess their compliance to the MS, ASTM, AS/NZS, BS EN, SS and/or any international standards.

FPLab was officially registered in Malaysia as a company on September 2018 and had evolved from an inconspicuous sales service arm of the LB Aluminium Bhd. group with 2 test booths since 1979.

From the year 2019, FPLab relocated to a new spacious site, installed 6 new test booths, acquired and replaced all the test equipment and instruments and engaged a team of very competent and experience technical and management team to run the facilities. Facade Performance Lab Sdn. Bhd. remains the only locally owned and established laboratory conducting facade performance testing in Malaysia.


Facade Performance Lab Sdn. Bhd. is accreditated by the Jabatan Standard Malaysia (Standard Malaysia) under the SAMM accreditation scheme which is mutually recognized internationally under the ILAC, for the ISO 17025:2017 Quality Management System.