Test Chambers

a) 12m (W) x 12m (H)
b) 12m (W) x 3.6m (H)
c) 9.6m (W) x 9.6m (H)
d) 9.6m (W) x 3.6m (H)
e) 7.0m (W) x 10.0m (H)

Test Chamber 9.6m (W) x 9.6m (H) & Test Chamber 9.6m (W) x 3.6m (H) (back to back)
Test Chamber 12m (W) x 12m (H) (2 units back to back)
Test Chamber 12m (W) x 3.6m (H) (2 units back to back)
The data logger and control system for the performance test in real time

Data Logger (DAQ) & Testing Software

a) Test software by MasTec Ltd, New Zealand/ LabView
b) Data logging by Measurement Computing, US

Linear displacement transducers pre-test calibration
Linear displacement transducers wired up and ready

Linear Displacement Transducers

a) 150mm Transducers by Atek, Türkiye
b) 75mm Transducers by Penny & Gilles, UK

Manometers by Poddymeter, UK

a) 0 – 3 KPa
b) 0 – 5 KPa
c) 0 – 10 KPa

Airflow Meters

a) Orifice Plates by Poddymeter, UK
b) 4’’ Laminar Flow Element by Meriam, US
c) 6’’ Laminar Flow Element by Meriam, US

Digital Manometers

a) ± 0 – 5 KPa by Poddymeter, UK
b) ± 0 – 7 KPa by DP Measurement, UK
c) ± 0 – 10 KPa by Poddymeter, UK

Manometers to measure air pressure
The laminar flow element assembly to measure airflow
Orifice plate assembly to measure airflow


a) 0.4 – 30 m/s by Extech, US
b) 0.6 – 50 m/s by Testo, Germany

Water Spray Nozzles by Spraying Systems

Anemometers to measure windspeed
Water distribution / control unit
Spray Nozzle

Centrifugal Blower by Air Supply/SEMS

The 8ft diameter Wind Generator
Wind Generator in action

8’0’’ Diameter Propeller Wind Generator
by ZKTH, China

Scissor lift

10M Scissor Lift, by Genie, US

Smoke Generating Fog Machine

Smoke Generating Fog Machine

View of the specimen during a water penetration test
Operational test being conducted
Water leakage inspection